What Is Low Profile Led Light?

  • Date:2020/05/06

Low profile led light, it also calls shape lamp, ellipsoid spot light. There is a variety of beam angle can be selected according to the needs of the application, the main feature is like a slide can be cut into the spot into square, diamond, triangle and other shapes, or projected a variety of patterns, power also has 1KW, 2KW and other optional configuration. The low profile outdoor light is cast aluminum lamp body, small size, lightweight, good consistency, light leakage; Beautiful appearance, spray divided into black or silver two; Use efficient HPL575 or 750W halogen bulbs; The position of the bulb is adjusted by three points with high precision. The use of high purity aspheric glass lens, with an aluminum cup or cold film-coated glass reflective bowl, uniform spot, generally used for close-up lighting of stage objects, characters! The low profile led light adopts the latest shape design, aluminum alloy shell, lightweight, easy to install. The new optical system, multi-mirror infrared cold light cup to make the bulb heat from the back of the lamp cup away, so that the temperature of visible light to the minimum, the unique light path design to make the spot uniform and soft, high brightness, imaging clear, built-in four lights can be easily cut out of different shapes.

The low profile outdoor light is widely used in stage imaging lamp and other places, with the following characteristics:

The international professional HPL (high-efficiency multi-source assembled filament) bulb is adopted, the brightness is increased by 45%, and the power is saved by 40%.

The low profile led light is aluminum alloy die-casting, with a light, compact and solid appearance. Lens, reflective bowl, bulb, etc. can be replaced quickly and conveniently. Large aperture, high-precision, aspheric optical special lens, providing projection quality image effect; high-precision optical channel design.

Adjust the best focal length at will; change the lens at 5 ° 10 ° 19 ° 26 ° 36 ° 50 ° at will to meet the requirements of different cosine lighting; combine various modeling facades at will for four modeling films, and project various modeling images with special modeling films, without halo Light; with stepless adjustment aperture (optional) can be more arbitrary.

The reflective system adopts cone cold light reflecting bowl to correctly reflect 95% visible light and more than 80% infrared light and heat from the rear emission.




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