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  • Date:2020/09/17

Centralized the best dmx controller and Application of digital lighting With the rapid development of digital technology in all walks of life, the professional stage lighting field has gradually stepped into a comprehensive digital era. Of the current domestic large outdoor performances, such as square party, solo concert of large and medium-sized and large and medium-sized indoor stage (including studio) used in professional lighting equipment, all the tone light platform, the amount of control, computer, digital silicon box in the light, color changer light, follow spot color changer, laser, etc., the vast majority are adopted digital control. However, how to achieve the accurate control of the interconnection between these devices and realize the overall scheduling of stage lighting is a headache for the majority of lighting dmx control

Modern stage lighting designers have put forward a new management concept for stage lighting -- unified management and centralized control. It is to connect several digital lighting devices with different functions and effects and to be controlled by a digital dimmer. For example, we put digital dimmer silicon box, digital color changer, computer effect light, computer color change light, digital cigarette machine, digital bubble machine and so on all connected in a computer control table, controlled by a lighting division. It is proved to be feasible in practice. Here comes the familiar DMX512 signal transmission system. DMX is short for DigitalMultipiex.Digital multiplexing protocol (DDM), defined by the American Academy of Theater Technology (USITT), is widely used as a digital lighting data protocol, which has been recognized and adhered to by stage equipment manufacturers worldwide. That is to say, every controlled unit in this link must meet the requirements of this protocol in order to achieve centralized control.DMX is based on the serial transmission of RS422/RS485, with the data transmission rate of 250Kbit/s and the maximum loop control of 512 channels (of course, there are also 1024\2048 loops, but that is based on 512). Due to the high transmission rate of DMX signal and the special needs of the application environment, there are strict requirements for DMX signal line, signal relay interface and signal transmission between each unit to ensure the accuracy of signal transmission. DMX allows an effective transmission distance of 250m. The condition is to use high-quality signal line, and in the construction should be placed in an independent shielding slot; If flow performance or external interference is serious, reduce the length of the signal line accordingly to shorten the transmission distance. If the project requires the transmission distance of the signal line to be greater than 250m, a signal amplifier complying with 512 protocol should be installed. Generally, a DMX512 interface can drive up to 32 digital devices. A DMX output interface can drive 128 digital devices if the receiver USES all DMX487 integrated blocks to receive signals. If a DMX512 system has more than 32 devices, it is necessary to add a signal distributor, whose functions are signal isolation, signal distribution, and signal amplification. A signal distributor has 2~6 outlets (the imported one has 4~8 outlets), a signal input port and a loop interface, which can meet the light system signal distribution of small and medium-sized stage or studio; In larger squares, such as stadiums, multiple signal dispensers should be installed to meet system requirements. In the practice of the stage, like this in multi-cell centralized control link with a conform to the DMX512 protocol signal distributor, in addition to signal amplification, prolong the manipulation of the distance the disintegrated, there's another advantage is: if a lighting equipment failure (such as leakage, short circuit, etc.), the distributor has a photoelectric isolating device, can effectively protect the lights in the link. 

In the DMX link of a multi-unit device, the signal interface of the last light device should be equipped with "terminal plug" as impedance matching to eliminate the clutter reflection phenomenon in signal transmission and purify the signal components. This is an important step to ensure the normal signal transmission of DMX512 system."Terminal" specific connection is as follows: in a context of five core plug welding between 2 ~ 3 feet a Ω 1/4 90 ~ 120 w small metal film resistor, the size of its impedance should refer to the instruction manual dimming units. When done, plug it into the signal output terminal of the last device. In addition, some digital lighting devices have terminal switches themselves. If this device is placed at the end of the whole link, the switch should be set to the allowed position, otherwise, it should be moved to an invalid position. The DMX protocol requires the use of five-core plug-ins in links. In the construction, only three cores are used, namely: 1, 2, 3 cores, 4 and 5 cores are empty. At present, most of the imported equipment of lighting system adopts five-core interface. To sum up, to do a good job in the centralized control of a large lighting system, the construction personnel need to have a clear concept and standard installation to ensure the reliable operation of the system. So as to ensure the smooth play of lighting effects on large variety shows and major conferences.

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