With wonderful music, the performance began. I saw the colorful lights on the stage with the music flickering, dazzling. Red light is like fire, yellow light is like electricity... Fog in our heart is undoubtedly the most has the temperament, because it makes our heart free, to joy, we had a professional hazer machine WP - 600 shakes his head as a professional spot light manufacturers recommend a best-selling products, the professional hazer machine spewed smoke can build people the feeling on the mountains, on the boundless field, on the plain, feel have become the mist. Wp-600 professional hazer machine its operating voltage is AC230V, 50-60hz; The amount of power is 600W; The output is 300 cubic feet per minute; The fuel consumption is 25 hours per liter; The barrel capacity is 3.6 liters; The weight is 33.5KG; There are 2 DMX channels; Built-in controller is LCD timing controller; The size is 510*400*360*mm (including air case). Wp-600 professional hazer machine produced more detailed smoke particles, more environmental protection; No need to heat wait, ready to use, quiet and cloth smoke more quickly; Internal key DMX system, the operator arbitrary collocation DMX system; In order to make it convenient for users to use, our spot light manufactures design this wp-600 professional hazer machine with the on-off and periodic timing system, so that the operation is more arbitrary; Humanized oil-free protection reminder function, more comfortable to use; The machine will stop automatically when the door of the nozzle silo is closed. The scientific and reasonable internal cooling system can guarantee the excellent performance of the machine; External high - quality anti-collision, waterproof, anti-pressure air box. (optional with adjustable auxiliary wind integrated air box) is a professional Hazer machine, using ultra-efficient and stable air compression technology to achieve, precision smoke conversion mechanism and fast and quiet show extraordinary smoke effect. The extremely large amount of fine translucent smoke produced increases the saturation of light, suitable for professional theater, large stage, and want to put the light and laser light performance to a higher level of occasions, especially in line with the use of high-end users. Fantastic color extraordinary wp-600 for your assistance.




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