Create a more colorful stage effect, enhance the stage atmosphere.

The spark machine for stage is a revolutionary stage fountain special effects equipment. It is also a new stage equipment that our led moving head stage light suppliers have been exploring and developing for several years. The spark machine for stage use a new control system and standard DMX communication to present a variety of stage effects, and is also compatible with other control equipment. The research and development of spark machine for stage integrates the disciplines of machinery, electronics, intelligent control, electromagnetics and aerodynamics, etc., and it also focuses on fundamentally changing the setting of the concept of traditional cold fireworks, and thoroughly solves many pain points, for example, the safety, environmental protection and application range of traditional fireworks. No doubt this is our led moving head stage light suppliers to the vast number of consumers and users made another outstanding stage contribution. 

The spark machine for stage has safety no gunpowder, environmental protection zero pollution, digital control, low consumption circulation, simple operation, low installation cost, no hidden trouble transportation and other seven characteristics, represents the future of the new direction of stage effects.

The spark machine for stage consumables - compound peptide, has passed foreign environmental standards and obtained the relevant certification; The product is also certified for domestic safety. Consumables are smokeless and have no pungent smell when used. In addition, more and more users, consumers have the injection machine, so as a LED moving head light suppliers, in order to ensure product quality, the user to use safety trust, the product has obtained authority certification body about air, sea, road and rail transport (general cargo) appraisal report, through the above transport way transport to all over the world. The product is vacuum packed in an aluminum foil bag, which is suitable for long-term storage. Products have a variety of weight specifications, should be opened in time after use, a long time exposure to air will affect the use effect or cause product failure, said the led moving head stage light supplier. Safe without gunpowder, energy-saving, environmental protection, do not hurt the hands of electronic fireworks machine was born, machine spray flower height 0-8 meters adjustable, consumables (alloy powder) 200 grams of a bag, a bag can be used for 20-30 minutes, according to the size of the spray flower height.

Use of special consumables, when the discharge does not produce smoke, odor and other harmful gases.

Equipment and consumables without any risk can be transported in any form.

Not restricted by fireworks ban, to solve the purchase or use of the qualification issues.

Indoor and outdoor, wind and rain can be cast, not subject to environmental constraints.

The equipment can be used repeatedly with little consumption of consumables.

Fast installation and easy operation; Intelligent wireless remote control.





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