Beam moving head light occupies an important position in the application of stage lighting. The installation position of the beam moving head light is suitable. In the whole performance, there will be a prominent stage effect. The beam moving head light can be placed on the ground or mounted in any position, and its quick lock system can easily and quickly fix the mounting bracket to four positions

The following is the installation notice of beam moving head light provided by the LED moving head supplier.

The first beam moving head light should be at least 1 meter away from combustible materials (such as fabric, wood, paper), must be far away from flammable goods, the second computer moving light should not be less than 1 meter away from the lighting surface. There should be at least 0.1 meters of space around the cooling fan and ventilator of the third computer lamp. Fourth, there must be no occlusion in front of the lens. Fifth, the surface of the computer lamp will be very hot, it should be cooled at least 5 minutes before processing. Sixth, never modify the computer lights or install non-night sun accessories.7. Do not turn on the computer moving light after the ambient temperature exceeds 40℃. When the 8th hanging is installed, want to make sure the lamp holder can bear the weight of all computer lamp 10 times. Ninth, make sure all the outer cover and mounting parts are stable and use safety rope. The tenth installation or removal of computer beam moving head lights, the working area to prevent outsiders to enter.

The above is about the installation method and matters needing attention of the computer moving head beam light, to learn more about the stage lighting knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the winpower LED moving head light supplier. Winpower LED moving head light supplier for more than 20 years dedicated to the multi-function hall, multimedia, hall, conference room, studio, KTV bar, wedding, school, entertainment theater stage lighting audio equipment such as hotels, design, development, production and sales, and provide the professional stage lighting engineering, design of multi-function hall, stage the overall installation and integration services, support stage lighting sound, LED bulb, stage lamps and lanterns of the wholesale purchase.





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