Pure color, high brightness, low noise; high quality optical lens, simple installation, wide range of applications

The advantage of COB zoom par light
We have this wonderful time because people keep making it beautiful, like Faraday in England. Without him, we really do not know what will happen today, if there is no electricity, a human can not be said to have entered the new era of civilization, no electric lights, computers, not to bring visual stage lighting feast for people. If there were no electricity, people live in the darkness, there is no led, even don't have now of high-power COB lightings, here have to say the greatness of the COB zoom par light energy saving, small body, high brightness, long life. On the stage is more essential, the moment of bright, very can drive stage atmospheres, such as Cob zoom par light and audience light products, irradiation range, fast response, high brightness, the visual impact of the strong, very suitable for concerts, pubs and studio, if it is with the function of focusing the cob light, because the light Angle adjustment range is very large, It can replace the function of beam and surface light to some extent, and the price is not high, the failure rate is very low. In particular, the cob zoom par light, due to its special performance, can achieve another visible spectrum can not do, one of which is that it can kill bacteria and viruses in the air. In the crowded place, not only can it create the stage effect, but it also can take the air purification and disinfection function. Kill two birds with one stone. It is perfect.
The 300W COB zoom par light
This is a 300 - watt cob zoom par light, aluminum alloy shell chassis, surface grind arenaceous black paint spraying process, the design is concise and easy, the light source is a high color rendering index of 300 watts of cob lamp bead, to 5 m 5500 lux, and there are two kinds of color temperature 3200 k and 5600 k is available for selection, lamp bead in an efficient aluminum radiator, the radiator fins on the thick and large windward area, and on the four sides of the radiator outlet, can waft of hot air in a timely manner to the outside, provide reliable lamp bead durability.

The 300W COB zoom par light ensures motherboard adopts constant pressure constant current drive, high efficiency and stability, achieve linear dimming of 0-100.

The interior has a long stroke focus motor, can make him out of the light Angle from 15 ° to 55 °.

Wide Angle of the light, let the cob zoom par light can satisfy more scenes and places.

Whether bars need a flash, the stage of concentrated unique characters, or in1999 to soft light, the 300W cob par light can do it.

Par light can be used not only for stage performances
Par light is used earlier than shaking head lamp or even effect light. In fact, par light can be used not only for stage performances, but also for parties. It can be used on many occasions, such as wedding companies, churches and outdoor public places. The types of par light are mainly as follows: waterproof par light is not waterproof par light. Waterproof par light is generally used outdoors, such as park squares, on the top of street buildings and city landmarks. The application scope of waterproof PARLIGHT is mainly indoor performances, such as large concerts, KTV, bars. At present, many small LED par light are also used in families to hold parties and use it to enhance the effect and bring a different feeling to the whole party. We are professional PARLIGHT, Led par light manufacturers are already comfortable with various stage lights. We can meet all the requirements of our customers, especially par light and led par light is the simplest among stage lights. Our workshop can produce 400pcs or 500pcs par light and led par light in one day. Recently COB par light has also been favored by many guests this year, and our quality inspection department also strictly controls the suppliers of products, whether it is the case or lamp beads or even screws, which have been carefully selected by us.
Choose winpower profiles is your best way
Profile light can produce a clear boundary flare or projection and configure the X-ray and design stage of the tool, is like a slide show of imaging lamp light switch can be square, rhombus, triangle and so on all kinds of form, or casting required all sorts of design patterns, is generally used for objects, stage characters do feature used in lighting, profiles features. 1: profiles adopts international professional HPL bulb, which can increase brightness by 45% and save electricity by 40% 2 profiles' body is aluminum alloy die-casting, light appearance, strong lens, reflective bowl, light bulb and other easy to replace. 3: large diameter, high precision, aspherical optical lens, providing projection quality pattern effect. High precision optical design adjusts the optimal focal length at will. 5°10°, 19°, 26°, 36°50° lenses can be switched. Meet the requirements of different cosine lighting. 4: the reflective system of the profiles adopts the cone cold light reflecting bowl, which can correctly reflect 95% visible light, more than 80% red light and heat The profiles are cast aluminum body, lightweight, small size, good consistency, no light leakage, beautiful appearance, spray divided into black or silver, using high efficiency and energy saving HPL575 or 750w halogen bubble. Recently this year, as a manufacturer of profile light, we have adopted led instead of HPL halogen bubble after continuous test and update. Led imaging lamp has a longer service life and is more energy-saving, which is loved and loved by our customers. Of course, the cost is a little bit higher. Choose winpower profiles is your best way.





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