Combine with other stage lights to provide diversified lighting effect for the stage.

As a professional stage light and profile light manufacturer, we specialized in the production of high-power moving head light, wash light, par light, profile light, and wall wash light LED, etc,. Now we will introduce the characteristics and effect of wall wash light LED, and how to distinguish profile light, focus on high power wall wash light led, it is a kind of high power LED as light source, which is made up of red, green, and blue mix color change projection lighting lamps and lanterns. 

 It can produce 256 grayscale changes, an intelligent controller to achieve synchronization effect, and can access DMX controller. Users can input their own data for programming control. 


The LED wall washing lamp adopts a digital tube address, and the LED wall washing light has built-in fixed procedures, which can realize the function of synchronization and self-connection. The wall washer lamp has reliable sealing and can adjust the angle and position of the light, so that it is in the best position and achieves the most satisfactory lighting effect. Light source: imported 1W, 3W as light source, long life, low power consumption, color purity, no pollution and other significant advantages. 


Product features: First, the lamp shell is made of high-quality aluminum profile, die-cast aluminum end cover; Surface anodized or painted. The lamp body is exquisite and beautiful with good heat dissipation performance. Second, the lamp body USES toughened glass and waterproof silicone seal, and internal epoxy resin sealing, so the lamp has dual waterproof function, waterproof effect is superior. Thirdly, imported high-lumen high-power LED chip and constant current power supply are used to ensure the stable performance of the lamps. Fourth, the lamps and lanterns are used PMMA optical lens. You can choose degrees equal angle to achieve the desired projection effect. 


From the perspective of profile light manufacturers to recognize the profile light, it is cast aluminum lamp body, small size, lightweight, good consistency, light leakage; Beautiful appearance, spray divided into black or silver two; Use energy-efficient halogen bulbs; The position of the bulb is adjusted by three points with high precision. The use of high purity aspheric glass lens, with an aluminum cup or cold film-coated glass reflective bowl, uniform spot, generally used for close-up lighting of stage objects, characters! Through the light concise introduction, we can prove that we are professional wall wash light led, profile light manufacturers.

LED moving head stage light
LED moving head stage light is a kind of stage lighting, LED stage light is the led moving head stage light supplier use the LED as the light source is applied to a new kind of led stage light and lanterns, with the improvement of LED technology and reduced the cost, LED stage light supplier of LED technology reference to ascending, LED moving head stage light plays a more and more important role in the lighting industry.
According to the purpose of classification, LED stage lights in the stage lamps are common, one, stage performance, shape and long downlights similar, small volume, according to the specification of pa 64, pa 56, pa 46, pa 38, pa 36 and so on. (2) pattern effect lights, LED lights and design and color technology application, that is, often said the lantern, common moonlights, magic lights, fish. (3) LED headlamp, it does not have the traditional headlamp design and color effect, is the scanning effect is more rich lights. (4)stroboscopic, the general use of small power lamp beads. Two, stage lighting, LED projection light, wall washing light, soft light, generally is the use of high-power LED beads, circular, strip, square shape. (2)audience lights, lighting for stage performance, common four and eight eye lights.
The performance of LED moving head stage light is closely combined with LED technology, and the three colors of red, green and blue can be mixed with 16.7 million different colors. Low power, low drive voltage, high luminous efficiency, energy-saving.Safe no radiation, no UV. With a high service life, the theoretical service life can reach 100,000 hours. Compared with the traditional stage lamps, LED moving head stage light was relatively expensive on the market.




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