The biggest difference between computer shake head pattern lamp and beam lamp is to shake headlamp main dozen pattern, beam lamp main dozen beam and light column. Although they can be patterned and a beam of light, there are still priorities. Beam lamp basically is used at the place of 12 meters away, and the use range of shake headlamp 5 meters is ok. So the stage will see what lighting effects are needed to use. Both cooperate to combine to use, such far and near distance can take into account, the effect that USES at the same time is better also. Each kind of lamps and lanterns has its function, in the construction of the stage lighting effect is just like each to perform its duty, jointly create the gorgeous stage lighting effect. Now I will briefly introduce a mini led spot moving head light made by our Winpower wash light manufacturer.


It is characterized by fixed picture plus GIF, 3-sided prism, total power is 130W, lamp bead 90W, 14 channels, the fixed pattern is 7 with white light, and then GIF is 6 with white light, the color disc is 8 colors, beam Angle is 14°, the package size is 33*27.5*43cm, weight 8kg.


This 90W mini led spot moving head light has great advantages. First, it is the manufacturer's source of goods, the products are directly produced by wash light manufacturer - Winpower that all follow the product line, we maintain: do not fight the price war, do not disturb the product quality principle because of the price, won a large number of customers praise! Second, in terms of quality, the selection of accessories is strictly controlled: 1. High-temperature resistance 2. Anti-aging 3. Products by QC inspection → test → aging → inspection → qualified packaging group. Packing personnel check appearance no damage → carton packing (wooden case or air case) → place in the waiting area - shipment.


As for the after-sale problem of our Winpower wash light manufacturer on this 90W mini led spot moving head light, don't worry about it. The factory products are guaranteed for one year, (some product light sources are guaranteed for three months without artificial condition) after one year for lifetime maintenance (only maintenance materials fee is charged, labor fee is free).


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