Extend the transmission distance of the signal, enhance the driving ability of signal, avoid signal interference.

Dimmer power pack, mainly used for PAR lights, audience lights and other lamps dimming equipment, high-power output, using SCR to control the current intensity to achieve light and shade regulation, flicker, etc., the conventional use of DMX512 signal control, the order is power supply -- silicon box (connected with DMX512 dimming table) -- lamps.

Dimmer pack for stage lights is the collection of silicon, the current through the silicon box into the current needed by the lights, and ensure the stability of the current, to avoid voltage changes caused by the lamp damage, bulb burst.

The role of the dimmer power pack is to play the conversion current, the stability of the current output of the working field, dimmer power pack image said is a lamp console command executor! Responsible for changing the luminance of the lamp. (2) signal interface: digital double dmx-512 (1990).(3) rated power: 6 channels ×6KW. The output power of each circuit can reach 7kW.(4) outline size (mm): L515×W485×H133. 

1. The core of the thyristor device chip of dimmer pack for stage lights is the German original installation import products, stable and reliable performance. 

2. Good heat dissipation device and forced air cooling combined with the intelligent environmental control system. 

3. Efficient anti-interference choke strong anti-interference ability, low noise, current rise time 220 us - 450 us. 

4. Each output 6 kW, a total of 6 roads, set of starting circuit, the brightness of the view to each value; 

5.DMX512 signal can be set to keep or not to keep working. In the holding state, the dimmer DMX signal is interrupted, the last data will be kept, no darkfield; 

6.6 channel knob dimming; The dimming curve of each circuit can be set to a linear or switching state with a switching value of 50%. When the brightness value of the input in the switching state is greater than or equal to 50%, the corresponding circuit is full of output; otherwise, there is no output. 

7. Overload and short circuit double protection high break air switch.

Therefore, the construction of a dazzling and colorful stage cannot be completed without the application of a dimmer pack for stage lights, and the development and production of our dimmer power pack suppliers. Because of the existence of our dimmer pack for stage lights supplier, it brings great convenience to users. So that our stage lighting industry is more perfect, excellent.





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