Voltage/Frequency: AC 230V 50Hz

Power: 2000W/4000W

LCD displayDMX input

12channels,20A per channeleach dimmer module can be pulled out

Microcomputer control

Each channel has a separate DMX address

Built-in 12 running programs, adjustable speed, DMX control, can be selected in turn

Linear dimming (0% -100%)

Linear / switch / curve control mode

Electronic overheating and short circuit protection, power failure memory

Packing size :565x565x 270mm

N.W :25.0kg

Whether you are a cellular entertainer searching for a bendy dimming/switching answer to add into your rig or an installer specifying and offering lights structures for amusement venues or homes of worship, the 12 CHANNEL DIMMER PACK is positive to meet your requirements. It is a versatile, dependable and low-cost answer for dimming or switching lights that is each compact and powerful.

The 12 CHANNEL DIMMER PACK boasts the state-of-the-art comfort features: Resettable circuit breakers in lieu of fuses and one-button setup of digital DMX addressing by using an uncomplicated LED panel, removing dip-switch settings. The sturdy steel chassis makes this rugged pack perfect for both stationary and transportable applications. In addition to multichannel DMX and Microplex dimming control, these devices can additionally furnish a stand-alone chaser characteristic with preprogrammed patterns.

The 12 CHANNEL DIMMER PACK offers you next-generation dimming for transportable use barring compromising your budget. It gives an built-in dimming and fixture-mounting answer for compact, low-power applications, such as worship settings, rentals, or even small journeying productions. Set up your device in minutes and mild like a seasoned simply plug in and play anytime, anywhere. 12 CHANNEL DIMMER PACK is entirely digital, with splendid operational and programming elements sequences (chases), preference of dimmer curves as nicely as many new features. Smarter dimming at a smarter price.

Dimmer pack for led lights are a key thing to any lighting fixtures system. The dimmer pack is a collection of dimmers that lowers and raises the voltage distributed to a unique mild source, as a consequence elevating and dimming the mild source. It is vital to realise that dimmers do no longer dim lights by way of themselves, they should be managed through a console. All dimmer packs, whether or not portable, lightbar, or rack-mounted share simple features. All dimmer packs have outputs, or stores that energy the fixtures they are dimming. The most frequent output is the Edison twin socket. Dimmer packs have a precise wide variety of channels, of which correspond to a unique piece of lights equipment. All dimmer packs have a most wattage per channel. For transportable dimmer packs, the traditional per-channel wattage is both 600w or 1,200w. In order to guard the lights and the dimmer pack from brief circuits and irregularities in electrical flow, all dimmer packs are equipped with fuses or circuit breakers to protect the lights system.

Like theatre lights science at large, dimmer packs for led lights in the latest years have considered some magnificent technological innovations. 12 CHANNEL DIMMER PACK presents a wi-fi dimmer pack that replaces XLR wire connectivity with a wi-fi gadget in which the dimmer pack can talk with the controller at up to 4,000ft toes away. Some dimmer packs for led lights additionally have extra facets without delay on the dimmer pack itself together with dimming curve resolution and constructed in chases. The use of an LCD show in location of a DIP change lets in the dimmer packs to be extra without problems used and tailored to greater functions different than dimming.

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