What Is A Dimmer Pack?

  • Date:2020/06/09

The dimmer pack is a kind of dimming device, do not contain light bulb, this is for the inductance type of light source power supply, such as conventional par, the routine of earth and heaven, light rain, the audience lights, etc., is a filament of stage lights, high-power output, using thyristor to control the intensity of the electric current, achieve the tone adjustment of lamps and lanterns, flicker, etc., conventional is controlled by DMX512 signal, the order is the power supply, dimmer pack, link DMX512 dimming, lamps, and lanterns.

The dimmer pack for stage lights is the current required by the silicon Dimmer to convert the current through the dimmer pack for stage lights, and ensure the stability of the current to avoid voltage change, which will cause damage to the stage light and the explosion of the bulb. The function of the dimmer pack is to convert the current and stabilize the output of the current in the working field. Brightness, the purpose of the dimmer pack is that these lights are powered by the dimmer pack for led lights and then the signal of the dimmer pack dmx connected to the console (DMX) can control the brightness of the light, and these lights can be powered according to control programming to produce the effect. The dimmer pack is divided into an analog dimmer pack and a digital dimmer pack. The digital dmx dimmer pack for led is a relatively old analog signal-controlled dimmer pack for stage lights.

The old analog signal control dimmer can be controlled by a special control panel, each output corresponds to one control, the control signal changes between 0-10V, the output of the silicon box changes between 0-220V, and some silicon boxes are equipped with brightness adjustment potentiometers, which can be used independently.

The digital dimmer pack for led lights refers to a dimmer pack that can accept dmX512 signal control. The basic principle is the same as the analog silicon box mentioned above, except that the analog signal becomes DMX 512 signal.

The advantage of a digital dmx dimmer pack for led lies in the use of DMX512. The control signal, so that the traditional lamps and modern computer lamps can be controlled by a digital lamp control unified, convenient for the lighting master control use.

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