Winpower Light offered the customer's high quality assured products

  • By:The LED 90W Spot light moving head ,Winpower Light only offered the customer's high quality assured products
  • Date:2020/03/03

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Product testing is to leave the last process of production line, is also a very important process.
As a factory products are exported to all over the world, whether it's hot or cold northern Africa has our product to arrive, so huge temperature difference on the use of the product requirement is very high, so do the destructive test is necessary.

See on the picture of the LED 90W Spot light design, just out of 20 degrees below zero cold storage, immediately lit until the overall warming at normal temperature.
To turn off the power supply, continue to back into the refrigerator for cooling sharply to minus ten octaves.

This process can be a good test the internal stress of optical glass, because close to the led lamp bead of optical glass also will produce temperatures above 100 degrees, in the process of rapid cooling are prone to burst.

Plastic is so poor plastic tend to lose at low temperature toughness, easy to fracture.
Only through strict test, in all fields, after repeated experiments, the results of all components are working properly.

The LED 90W spot moving head light is Perfect!


Our products are through strict test before they go out and make use of our products customers, users have a high quality experience.





We provide customers with quality products and services.

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