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  • Date:2020/05/24

First of all, today let us understand the moving head light through different modeling scenes, different color changes, perspectives, horizontal, vertical light angle changes and speed, stroboscopic speed, aperture size changes, focal length changes and other comprehensive performance. The work of all these attribute indexes is realized through the rotation of the stepper motor, and the electrical operation parameters of the stepper motor are defined and programmed to complete the computer control. It is because of these that the headlamp occupies the absolute leading role in large-scale performance activities, squares, art stages and wedding venues. It enables the audience to see clearly the performance of the actors and the image of the scenery. Create the space environment required by the play. Render the atmosphere of the play. Highlight the contradiction of the drama and strengthen the rhythm of the stage, enrich the artistic appeal!

Second, the program of led moving head light is very important. Currently, international and domestic computer lamps generally use DMX data format to write program file DMX512. A good led moving head stage light should have a good program to control it. It will be perfect.

Third: the mechanical system of the led moving head light and spot moving head light is very wide, including material, structure, mechanical properties, shell requirements, cooling requirements and so on.

Fourthly, the utilization rate of light source flux should be considered in the design of the optical system. Specific performance indexes include the intensity, uniformity, saturation, and spot size of light.

Led moving head stage light is one of the indispensable important products on the stage, which can make the color more dreamy. The moving head light lens will be special, with a large lamp cap. The color of the light produced by the fresnel lens is usually pure and soft, with no trace, and the adjustable range of the light angle is also very large. Enhance the stage atmosphere.15 years of industry experience and technical precipitation in this field we play like a duck in water. Currently, moving head wash and par wash dominates the stage. We are a very authoritative Led moving head stage light manufacturer, we strictly select the quality of product accessories in my suppliers. In recent years, cob dyeing lamp has a tendency to surpass common dyeing lamp. Winpower always follows the ever-changing market. keep products update.

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